How to capture Minecraft ravager in 2022

Mobs are one of the nicest kind of stuff that Minecraft has to offer. Mobs are what bring the game to life. Every single one of them, whether hostile mobs like the legendary Creeper, scary Zombie, or bothersome Skeleton, or gentle mobs like villagers, lambs, cows, and pigs, makes the game unpredictable, dynamic, and exciting to play.

Ravager is a big four-legged hostile mob that spawns whenever there is a raid and stays under the authority of an Illager while wreaking devastation within a hamlet. These hordes attack players, travelling traders, any iron golems discovered within the hamlet, and locals.

However, Mojang wanted to make sure that they did not assault infant villagers in a recent round of adjustments that arrived with the Minecraft 1.18 version.

This alteration has a massive influence on the community, especially if the Illagers successfully carry out the attack. For the raid to be regarded a success, every adult villager must be murdered. This generally signified the end of the settlement in prior versions of Minecraft. If a town has newborn residents that survive a raid following the Caves and Cliffs Part II upgrade, they can successfully repopulate the settlement.

A way to capturing a Ravager in Minecraft 1.19.

In Minecraft, one of the most reasonable methods to catch a ravager is to confine it inside a minecart. These carts are well-known for being an excellent tool for capturing mobs. It aids in keeping the threat of death at bay (as a ravager deals and makes sure the mob is safe from external damage as well). When attempting to capture a ravager, players might take the following steps:

You must first corner the crowd, making it hard for it to flee. This can be accomplished by digging off a tiny space beneath the earth, building a structure to house the mob temporarily (ravagers, like most mobs, can’t jump more than one block), or utilising fences to keep them in.

Whatever strategy is used, the goal is to separate the mob from its group of Illagers. Furthermore, have a name tag with a name ready to use on the ravager and guarantee that it does not despawn.

After that, begin constructing a rail system that will connect the carved-out cage to the location where the ravager will be kept. Instead of confronting a troop of well-armed Illagers, this is a far safer approach to ensure that it is seized.

To guarantee the minecart and rail system are automated and function securely, players will need to employ powered rail as part of the design. Next, set a minecart on the tracks, attract a ravager inside it, and attach the pre-made name tag to it.

Simply removing the minecart from under the ravager mob completes the problem. Then, eliminate any leftover Illagers from the raid. This basically ends the raid and allows players to focus only on their captive ravager.

Minecraft, while being almost 10 years old, holds its own in practically every area when compared to some of the gaming titans out today. It’s a game that takes pleasure in the quantity of content it contains, from the game’s structures, creatures, and equip options to the near-infinite sandbox environment and the many systems players may employ.

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